Born in Frankfurt am Main, the daughter of two professional actors, I started acting at an early age. Playing in radioplays (still one of my favourites!) and theatres in Frankfurt throughout my entire childhood, I decided to get a decent education at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hanover.


Foto: Heike Steinweg

After getting my diploma in 1993, I worked at theatres in Hanover, Zurich, Hamburg and Berlin, played in many TV productions and more than 50 radioplays.

I love learning and so I became a yoga teacher in 2002, then read Hebrew in 2008 and afterwards Scandinavian Studies (focusing on Swedish) and European Ethnology at Humboldt University in Berlin. During a year of studies in Stockholm, I worked as a theatre teacher at the German School, as an actress in a Swedish-speaking theatre company and I even had a few parts in commercials and TV series. But, more importantly, I found a new passion! Rhetoric! I read rhetoric at Stockholm University and when I came back to Berlin, started teaching rhetoric in Swedish for non-native speakers at Humboldt University. In 2014, I earned my BA in Scandinavian Studies and European Ethnology. In 2016, I started teaching at the universities of Kiel, Tübingen, Münster and Cologne.

I also create readings about themes I find interesting and present them publicly, for example, at Schwartzsche Villa Berlin (supported by the cultural department of Berlin), Nebbinsches Gartenhaus and the Struwwelpeter Museum in Frankfurt, and the Wendland Museum in Wustrow. You will find the next dates in the “News” section.