Feedback of my first English-speaking client:

Hi Nina,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with our event last week! I know for sure that my part was much much better than it would have been without your advice and feedback.

All the best,

C. W.


Do you remember someone holding a speech on a private or a public occasion and you just couldn’t listen because it was presented poorly? However, there was this other speech, full of spirit, well-structured and funny. It made you think and you can still remember it now! Perhaps you thought: if only I could speak like her (or him)!

You can! Practice makes perfect! You cannot expect yourself to be fantastic at something you practice hardly at all. Just think about musicians and their hard work, everyday, for a very long time.

The good news is: it doesn’t take that long! You already have a lot of the skills needed. You just have to learn how to prepare yourself in a way that helps you to deliver a first class speech: well-structured, clear and compelling. Practical exercises concerning breathing, the correct use of the voice, and decisive gestures and postures will turn you into a self-confident speaker delivering the message you want people to remember.


The female-speaker you see in the picture is the famous conversationalist and adviser Aspasia, living from around 470 to 400 BC. According to Plutarch, her house was an intellectual centre in Athens, attracting prominent writers and thinkers. Some scholars say she was the teacher of rhetoric for Pericles and Socrates.